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Working toward being your best self is a difficult and daunting task. It requires time, balance, and patience with one’s self. Here are some tips for working toward the best version of yourself.

Set Goals for Yourself

It is important to set a variety of different goals for yourself in different spheres of your life. This should be a good combination of short-term and long-term goals. In terms of short-term goals, and repetitive goals, perhaps set yourself time goals for how long per day or week you would ideally like to exercise. Make sure you are pushing yourself and setting goals that you will both have to work to reach, and are attainable. In terms of long-term goals, make these vary. Goals like moving up at work are sufficient, or perhaps saving up for a vacation or perfecting a skill.

Take Responsibility for Yourself and Your Decisions

A key part of being the best version of yourself is taking responsibility and accountability for your actions. Taking accountability–both verbal and intrinsic–for your actions will help you learn from your mistakes and misgivings, and move forward. It will also help build up your credibility as a reliable and respectable person, both for yourself and others.

Balance Your Time

A crucial part of living your best life is being able to balance your time. You have to be able to prioritize the things that matter to you, such as your family, relationships, taking care of your body, and allow appropriate time to tend to those things. In addition, of course, it will be important to balance leisure time, self-care, your hobbies, friendships, and work. Although balancing your time seems like an incredibly daunting task, making weekly schedules and checklists can help you make it more manageable.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself and being in tune with what you need is important not only in itself but as the very foundation of performing every other task on this list necessary to be your best self. This, of course, means different things to different people, and relates both to your mental and physical health. If you feel your stress levels getting too high or you are having a tumultuous week, take some extra time to rest or treat yourself to your favorite food or take a bubble bath.