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“Running is alone time that lets my brain unspool the tangles that build up over days…I run, pound it out on the pavement, channel that energy into my legs, and when I’m done with my run, I’m done with it.” — Rob Haneisen, runner

This quote by Haneisen shows what running is and can be for some people. It is an escape and method of decompressing from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is a place to focus just on the motion of moving and the exhilaration of exercise.

“Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible. Nothing unattainable.” — Kara Goucher, Olympic long-distance runner

This quote, by Olympian Kara Goucher, shows how running can not only be an escape but a means of empowerment. It is a place to clear the head of negative thoughts and build and empower those positive ones.

“I think I get addicted to the feelings associated with the end of a long run. I love feeling empty, clean, worn out, and sweat-purged. I love that good ache of the muscles that have done me proud.” —Kristin Armstrong, author of Mile Markers

This quote ties closely to many others in that it emphasizes the pain, the love, the passion one must have for running. Persistence through pain is critical, as is finding and developing passion through that persistence and the love for what your body can do.

“Nothing, not even pain, lasts forever. If I can just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I will eventually get to the end.” —Kim Cowart, runner, and journalist

This quote applies not just to run but to just about everything you could set out to do that is difficult. Success does not come in a day. Rome was not built in a day. Conquering obstacles is difficult and takes pain, time, persistence, and at often points discouraging failures. What is important is the ability to push through that pain and recover, pick yourself up and persist.

“Run often. Run long. But never outrun your joy of running.” —Julie Isphording, former Olympic runner

This quote, albeit short, is jam-packed with significance. The most important part of running or, for that matter, doing anything in life is making sure that you enjoy it and are passionate about it. Sustaining your passion for running is a balance between building a schedule and creating for yourself the right conditions to give it your all.